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Circul8 Has a Little MyIdol Fun


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If you’ve been using the Internet at all over the past couple of weeks chances are you’ve seen some strange little avatars filling up your Facebook news feed. These characters have been built using Chinese app, MyIdol, (which you can find here), and it has become somewhat the craze in the social media world.

We thought we’d have a little play with the MyIdol app and so, went ahead and created the entire Circul8 team. Take a look at our beautiful (albeit slightly creepy) cartoon selves below!

Alana: Managing Director

Alice: Account Director

Alex: Creative Director

Cate: Senior Strategic Account Manager

Kim: Producer

Will: Creative Copyrighter

Rosie: Content Strategist

Jayne: Designer

Steph: Content and Community Manager

Nic: Content Producer

Evan: Digital Executive Producer

Audrey: Strategic Account Manager

Fabien: Lead Designer


Written by Stephanie Nuzzo