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3 FREE Social Listening Tools You Should Be Using


One of the most important parts of managing social media accounts is keeping “in the know”. To be successful with social media, you must be able to follow conversations that concern your brand – all of the time, across all channels. How does one do this do you ask? You engage social media ninjas like the social team at Circul8! Or, failing this, start off by jumping onto some good listening tools!

In today’s Internet space, there is no shortage of available social tools. In fact, there’s a list as long as Lindsay Lohan’s list of ‘special friends’. 😉

Many social listening tools can be fairly costly to run and do you really need to be spending the big bucks to listen to what’s being said about your brand online?

Probably not. So, as a start, we at Circul8 have put together a list of the top 3 FREE social tools guaranteed to help get your listening skills all ninja-like, quick smart!

1. Google Alerts: One of the best basic tools for listening for general news and updates linked to your brand online. Enter terms you’d like Google to comb the net for and you will receive daily-automated emails with the most recent related articles. We recommend adding alerts for your brand name, competitors and terms relevant to your brand. Sure, it works kind of like a fishing net and pulls in some junk along with the great catches, but as a whole it is certainly worth your time.

Set it up here:

2.Topsy: Topsy is a social search tool, allowing marketers to track their brand on Twitter and Instagram to see how content is being shared, who is sharing, the key influencers and the sentiment over time. (More powerful than the standard and advanced Twitter search!) You can also use Topsy’s free social analytics tools to track keyword popularity or mentions over time. Search Twitter handles, hashtags and terms to keep informed on what’s being discussed. A great everyday tool for everyday listening.

Use it here:

3.Iconosquare: Iconosquare allows you to search Instagram hashtags, respond to comments, follow accounts and measure monthly performance. The website offers statistics on engagement, followings and your Instagram account’s activity. Also, it gives you the option of using some of Instagram’s features (Liking & Commenting) from your desktop, rather than having to log in and out on your smartphone – Glory!

Log in here:

With these forces combined you will become an all-seeing, all-knowing social guru in no time. Power to you!

If you need a little extra help give us a call to see how we can help you and your business conquer social!