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The iPhone 6 Plus bent into various yoga poses

The new iPhone 6 Plus ‘phablet’, measuring in at a staggeringly clown-pocket-sized 16cm long, has a little known feature which the Internet recently guaranteed everybody in the civilised world knows about. It bends.

Historically, ergonomics have been a principle of solid product design – but we think this may be an inch (or 4.7 to be precise) too far.

But while the iPhone 6 Plus’s added flexibility isn’t ideal for consumers – it’ll do wonders for the phone itself.

To demonstrate, we’ve taken a decidedly Surry Hills response to bring you a series of silly pictures of the iPhone 6 Plus bent into various yoga poses. Breathe in – class has begun…



iPhone6_Yoga_2 iPhone6_Yoga_3 iPhone6_Yoga_4 iPhone6_Yoga_5


And breathe out.

Until next year’s iPhone release – namaste, grasshoppers.