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Facebook Makes 62% of Ad Money from Mobile

Only two years after Facebook debuted its first mobile ads and adopted a mobile first strategy, earlier this week they announced that their once-struggling mobile business now accounts for 62% of all advertising revenues, reinforcing the fact that Facebook is quickly becoming largely a mobile company.

“We had a good second quarter” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, vastly underplaying the $2.91 billion revenue Facebook earned in the quarter ending 30th June. (This is an increase of 61% over the $1.81 billion reported in the same quarter last year.)

Mobile advertising accounted for $2.68 billion of this $2.91 billion spend, showing how powerful mobile advertising is, and an opportunity Facebook is grabbing hold of with both hands. (Also worthy to note that two of Facebook’s largest acquisitions, Instagram and WhatsApp are mobile apps. We’re interested to see Instagram adverts coming soon.)

With 1.5 million active advertisers on the site and Cheryl Sandberg (Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer) reporting  “We’re seeing our existing advertisers spend more and we’re seeing new people come on to the platform,” it’s more important than ever to be clever and tactical with your Facebook advertising, to stand out from the clutter to reach your target audience successfully. And with mobile being at the forefront on our users’ minds, the need to create adverts that appeal to our consumers, (often with their smartphones glued  to their hands) is more important than ever!

Unexpectedly a large percentage of users check Facebook daily on their tablets or smartphones, with Facebook reporting 1.07 billion mobile users and 829 million general daily users. In fact 30% of Facebook’s monthly users only check Facebook on their mobile devices.

That’s a heck of a lot of Facebook addicts! Though Zuckerberg may not agree. He stated that people spend 9 hours a day on digital media, but less than an hour on Facebook “One thing that’s exciting is there is still so much room to grow.”

Zuckerberg’s obviously not been to the Circul8 office where we spend approximately 15 hours a day on the channel! 😉

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Written by Rosie Apps