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The Non Fan’s Guide to the World Cup So Far

We’ll confess that in our office we’re not huge football fans (the exception being our Italian producer).  We watch the great advertising and chuckle at the inevitable memes but when it comes to the actual games – no comment.

Whether you’re an avid fan, or a football beginner there’s no denying the impact this huge sporting event has socially and culturally. Here’s what you need to know about what’s happened in the World Cup so far – as told through the power of memes.

1. This is what the FIFA 2014 logo looks like – a facepalm. It cannot be unseen.

world cup logo facepalm

2. The Socceroos were placed in the same group as Holland, Chile and Spain (we’re doomed).


We ended up loosing to Netherlands, but Tim Cahill managed to get in this superb goal.



3. Holland’s captain Robin Van Persie’s epic goal against Spain has been dubbed #vanpersing – and coincidentally, become the newest iteration of the planking phenomenon.




4. Despite promise, Japan lost out against Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) 2-1.


5. American midfielder – no idea what that means, but let’s roll with it – Clint Dempsey, scored the fastest goal in US World Cup history (32 sec in), so naturally he’s America’s man of the moment

…and in the process he copped a bloody nose while playing against Ghana


6. Besides that, each team is playing true to form…


And there you have it. Our helpful guide to get you through those awkward conversations with your more soccer informed friends.

If you’re still sick of it here’s how to block out the World Cup from your email and social feeds. Enjoy!


Written by Margaret Sevenjhazi