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Webby wrap-up

We seem to be in something of an Augmented Reality (AR) Renaissance. With the launch of Google Glass last year, the popularisation of AR reader apps like Layar, and generally, the gradual streamlining of the technology, exciting things are now being done with AR that haven’t been done before.

Circul8 is incredibly honoured to have recently been placed among these great innovations, as we were nominated in the Augmented Reality category of the prestigious 2014 Webby Awards for our agency Christmas promotion – GIFwrap.

GIFwrap is the world’s first GIF-themed interactive gift wrap. Realising that most wrap is bad, and that GIFs make everything instantly better, we saw an opportunity to combine the two and create something really noteworthy.

By using AR reader app Layar, all gift-givers had to do was pick their design, print it off, wrap their gift and then scan it to reanimate their chosen GIF.

For the People’s Voice Webby Awards, GIFwrap was up against some pretty big names including McCann New York and KFC in India, but with your spectacular support we managed to eek out a position in 3rd place. Not bad we say, considering we were the only Australian independent agency to be nominated this year.

All entries pushed AR technology further, and we’re truly proud to see what is being done in the industry. See the rest of them here.

And in light of our Webby bash, we’re now busting out GIFwrap year round – check it out and send us your suggestions for GIFwrap designs you’d like to see in the not-too-distant future!

By Mark Starmach