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9 Times Social Media Will Remind You You’re Old

Did your Facebook ‘Look Back’ video make you feel old?

It certainly gave us a shocking reminder of what we were wearing in the mid-2000’s, highlighted relationships that have well and truly bitten the dust and it made us look at our line-free, fresh faces with envy.

Nearly every social media platform is now a streaming reminder of your mortality. However young you feel, it only takes one confusing acronym to remind you you’re actually super old…. How many of these do you relate to?

1. When you see that kid you babysat for is “in a relationship.”OneImage: Tumblr randomreactiongifs

2. When you have no idea what the hashtag your little cousin used means. Is it an acronym? A band? The sound the cool kids make when they cough?!!

TwoImage: Tumblr seladors

3. When you can’t remember any of your passwords. (Extra old-person points if they’re all the same and you still can’t remember!)

ThreeImage: Tumblr mygifdump

4. When you like a status before realizing it’s one of your parent’s friends. Well it’s true! Movie tickets are freaking expensive!!
FourImage: Tumblr heybannanni

5. When you worry that a stunt shouldn’t ever be done and you’re watching the video from between your fingers. Arghhh! They could have at least put a helmet on!!’

FiveImage: Tumblr trustmeiamalawstudent

6. When you can’t really see a picture on Instagram through all the filters!  You wouldn’t even need glasses if people would just cool it on the sepia!

SixImage: Tumblr scandalmoments

7. When you side with the parent in a Tumblr rant.

SevenImage: Tumblr nikkiandsaralive

8. When you get a Facebook ad for planning for your retirement. EightImage: Tumblr miscgifs

9. When nobody gets your “Top 8″ joke. How did you get friends young enough to have missed Myspace?Nine

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