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10 Instagram Inspired Xmas Gifts

Your Instagram photos shouldn’t be confined to your smartphone. Share them, print them, spread them wide! Why not print your favourite snaps onto gifts to share with your loved ones? With 4 short weeks until Christmas, take a look at the 10 best ways to turn Instagram photos into the  perfect Xmas pressies.


1. Marshmallows. Quirky UK-based company Boomfs prints your Instagram photos onto marshmallows. (YES!) These little vanilla-flavoured clouds of deliciousness are a super creative (and tasty) gift idea for loved ones.

Instagram Photos onto Marshmallows!


2) Oil Paintings: For an extravagant, but amazing gift, check out Pixelist’s hand-painted oil paintings. All you need to do is upload your chosen Instagram image and the resident artists at Pixelist will turn it into an original painted artwork. Neat. (…and ever so slightly strange.)

Left: original. Right: Painting.

Left: original. Right: Painting.


3) Christmas Stocking: The perfect gift for the whole family old and young (and young at heart.) Stitchtagram offer to print Xmas stockings, pillows, pencil cases and tote bags with the photos you’ve snapped using Instagram.


4) Stone Coasters: How about printing a set of four images onto stone coasters for your home? Forget about resting your brew on a white, tea-stained coaster, Coastermatic prints your Instagrammed photos onto stone ones. Oo lala. 


5) Bespoke Silk Scarf: Now this is cool. Turn your Instagram photos into a fashion item with Hayden Harnett. These creative chaps will print your chosen image onto a one of a kind silk scarf. We could have a lot of fun with this.


6) Ceramic Tiles: Print your photos onto tiles for bathrooms or kitchen splash-backs with Image Snap. From tiny tiles to your fridge to 12″ x 12″ monsters, these tiles will be sure to make a statement. Imagine having a bath looking at a year of Instagrammed breakfasts?!!


7) PostCards: Emails are so last year. It’s all about snail mail these days. Create personalised postcards using Instagram photos. Send family and friends a warm Xmas message on the back of a photo of you with Postagram


8) Jacket Lining: The ultimate Instagram gift. Get your photo printed onto the lining of a suit jacket with ASuitThatFits. Yes we repeat. The lining of a suit jacket. Phwoaaah! Want.


9) ‘Gif’ Stickers: Remember those old ‘funky’ postcards that when you move them the picture changes? Well now your Instagram photos can get the same treatment. Print two photos on the one sticker and move back and forth and watch the image change. Marvellous


10) Chocolate: Last but not least, say it with chocolates. Have your sweetest moments printed onto these tasty morsels with Cocoagraph. Then scoff them all down.


That’s all folks! Enjoy these Instagram gift ideas and Happy Xmas from all of us at Circul8!