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5 Stories We’ve Spotted in Social

1. Go home Facebook, you’re drunk.

Earlier this week, (Monday 21st October) Facebook experiences it’s first ever international outage. The social platform had some issues during maintenance which left users unable to update posts for a few hours between about 9pm and 11pm Monday EST or Monday morning for a large percentage of Facebook’s users.

It was not long before people (and brands) took to Twitter to voice their angst. We’ve found some of the best advertising responses to #Facebookdown and we HAD to share a few, along with a few funny user tweets. You’ll be happy to know the world is back as it should be and Facebook posting is once again working perfectly. #Sighofrelief.


Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.38.54 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.38.48 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.38.42 PM


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2. Apple pokes its finger in the music streaming pie.

Last month we saw the launch of Apple’s highly innovative and completely original (yeah right) program, iTunes Radio. The service, which is basically a cut-and-paste of fellow streaming program Pandora, has been met with a wave of interest, so we’ve taken a quick look and here are our thoughts:


Like every other music streaming service, iTunes Radio offers free subscriptions, (Always nice!) This means you will gain unlimited access to their 27 million-strong music library and don’t have to pay a cent. You will hear the odd ad throughout your listening experience, but that’s hardly taxing. If you do decide to do away with the ads, an upgrade to iTunes Match will only set you back about $25 a year – very reasonable.

Another element we liked is the option to share playlists with friends through social media. So, if you come across a really cool compilation of songs, you can send the entire thing over to your bestie and they can play it too. That’s pretty clever!

But that is pretty much as far as our enthusiasm goes… Once in the program, you have very little control over the music you listen to. You have the option to select one song or artist, then Apple will build a playlist for you based on your initial choice. For the Spotify users out there, it’s kind of like Lazify. The occasional use of a playlist genius is fine, but most of the time, we just want to listen to what we want to listen to! We like listening to albums from start to finish (not an option with iTunes Radio), so hearing a constant stream of suggested tunes is a little too rigid for us. It’s kind of like hanging out with that friend we all have who insists you listen to their super cool music discoveries when all you want to hear is Fleetwood Mac.

All in all, we’re not too excited about what Apple is selling. It’s nothing overly innovative and the music experience they’re offering is pretty limited. It does have a huge selection of songs/artists, it is very cheap and if you’re already an iTunes user, all you need to do is upgrade your download to gain access to the program, but sorry Apple, we’re staying loyal to Spotify. She’s just too good to give up.


3. Instagram is introducing Ads

It’s happening. In recent weeks, Instagram announced that they will be introducing ads to the photo-based application. Now, before you run to get your pitchforks and begin yelling abuse, let’s think about this… are you really that surprised?


Facebook does it. Twitter does it. YouTube does it. This was bound to happen at some stage. Quite frankly, we’re surprised it took this long! Apparently, the company is intending to take baby steps when it comes to this change. The ads, which will appear in both photo and video form, will start out on a very small scale. Instagram expects to start selling ads within the next year, but only a few brands will advertise to begin with and ads will be selected according to aesthetics.


We think this is a great opportunity for brands to reach out to clients. Sure it will be annoying in the beginning, but eventually the ads will just become a part of the Instagram experience, just like they did all the other social platforms. It will be okay, guys. Promise ;).

We’re excited to see how this pans out. There is a lot of space for creativity here!


4. Want a job? Send a tweet.


It’s no news that social media has knocked down a lot of walls when it comes to making new contacts. What you may not know though is that social may be your way into a new job.

Earlier this week, we read an article on the “social media side-door”; your window into your dream job. The post surveyed how 11 job-hunters took to Twitter to catch the attention of Yahoo big gun Marissa Mayer. Each of the 11 individuals promised to make Yahoo their homepage if Mayer responded to their job-related tweets – every one of them received a retweet. On the other hand, the some 12,000 other hopefuls who send in their resumes to the office each week are probably still waiting for a reply… (apologies if you’re one of them).

Social is an extremely valuable tool when making new connections. Need a contact in graphic design? Shoot out a tweet! Want to get in touch with an amazing photographer? Try Instagram. Looking for an awesome digital agency (ahemm). Try any social medium! Cough @Circul8 (Twitter and Instagram)…Cough…

Your options are endless in the world of social. So get out there and take full advantage! Make some new buddies.

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5. Social Media in Outer Space


Check this out. This is a photo of a toy dinosaur posted to Pinterest by Karen Nyberg. The American mother had made the plush figure for her son while away for work…So far so good…

Only thing is, this wasn’t your regular business trip. Karen has been away since March 2013 as an inhabitant of the International Space Station. In outer space. Above the planet Earth. Is that not the coolest thing you have ever heard?!


The 44 year old Astronaut has built a bit of a following for herself on social media, having posted a bunch of different photos, YouTube videos and tweets to document her time in space.

Check out this video of Karen washing her hair in zero gravity – it is better than any beauty tutorial you may have seen, that’s for sure!!


Written by Steph Nuzzo