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Greenpeace & Circul8 Generate One Million Reasons to Save the Great Barrier Reef

Digital agency Circul8 has kicked off a campaign of a million reasons to save the Great Barrier Reef.

The campaign for Greenpeace Australia Pacific, highlights the personal motivations of everyday Australians, to save the world famous reef, which is threatened by mining industry plans to build nine mega coal ports in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage listed region.

Circul8’s campaign which, coincides with the first Australian tour of the Rainbow Warrior 111, is centered around the Save the Reef website and social channels, The websites aggregates reef-related experiences and imagery from various social channels and the wider internet, the objective is combine user generated reasons with the aggregated content to produce 1 million reasons to save the reef. Each reason is sent via email to the minister for the environment Tony Burke.

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